Military Reconnect

ClearPoint Reconnect is a program that serves military service members and their families. The program is based on the realization that it is difficult for those in the military to “reconnect” and establish themselves when they return home from service. At ClearPoint, we know about this from firsthand experience. In fact, we have an entire counseling staff made up of veterans and close family members of those who served. Here is our very own Mechel Glass explaining her story and how our program can help you:

To learn more about Reconnect or to chat with one of our military counselors, call 888.808.7285 or get started online.

Financial Education for Military

The Reconnect Program also offers some free educational resources. Our interactive site features personalized courses and activities, interviews with military families, and the opportunity to earn credits and rewards. Throughout the program, you’ll develop a personalized action plan to help you achieve your goals and overcome financial challenges. Ready to get started? Access the ClearPoint Reconnect education portal.

Additional Resources

ClearPoint is a proud sponsor of the guide published by the BBB Military Line and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance—the Financial Field Manual. This publication helps prepare service members and their families for the important financial decisions they will face and provides many useful resources.

We also worked with HOPE NOW to complete a podcast series that focuses on off-base military housing issues. This series takes a close look at a variety of housing issues relevant for a military audience. You can download them or listen to them on our site.

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