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Welcome to ClearPoint’s Know Your Money Blog. Here you will find articles and tips on a wide variety of financial topics. We cover everything from student loans to buying a home to building back your credit score. Use the topics list to search through various categories or check out the most recent posts below. We value your feedback, so if you enjoy a post, have a question, or think we missed something, be sure to let us know in the blog’s comment section. Thanks for reading!

As a credit counseling agency, the term “high credit limit” can be troubling to us. The higher the limit, the higher the spending potential. And as […]

If you’ve ever encountered a debt collector, you know how unnerving the experience can be. At best, it’s frustrating, but at its worst debt collection can […]

Attention credit card holders. You rely on your plastic each and every day, whether you’re buying groceries or gas, shopping on Amazon, or cashing in on […]

Retail or department store credit cards are promoted as being convenient and a “must have” for shoppers at their favorite stores. The cards can earn consumers […]

In general, I am skeptical of “refinancing” because it’s a term (and proposed solution) that gets thrown around too loosely. In my opinion, it’s not a […]

Today, we want to clear up some confusion surrounding credit counseling and its fee structure. In other words, we want to clear the air about how […]

You’ve likely heard of the three national credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. In fact, you have relied on the credibility of these agencies if you’ve […]

Credit counseling can be a mysterious subject. It sometimes gets lost in the world of banking services, self-help financial apps, and other products and services, even […]

As part of our campaign and contest, “Life After Debt: Stories of Financial Recovery and Empowerment,” we are searching high and low for the best debt […]

At ClearPoint, we are always celebrating “Life After Debt,” and today we want to take a quick look at four very successful clients who have been […]

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