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Welcome to ClearPoint’s Know Your Money Blog. Here you will find articles and tips on a wide variety of financial topics. We cover everything from student loans to buying a home to building back your credit score. Use the topics list to search through various categories or check out the most recent posts below. We value your feedback, so if you enjoy a post, have a question, or think we missed something, be sure to let us know in the blog’s comment section. Thanks for reading!

We have written quite a few articles and posts about student loan repayment, covering everything from the best way to pay off student loans to the [...]

Credit scores are important for a variety of reasons. They affect what types of loans we can get, can influence our ability to get an apartment [...]

Today, medical costs have spiraled out of control for the average consumer. On top of this, doctors continue to recommend unnecessary procedures and tests, arguably to [...]

Did you know that sometimes medical bills don’t have a due date? It seems hard to believe that such a basic but important piece of information [...]

Have you had sticker shock at the grocery store recently? The cost of food in the US is going up and there is no real relief [...]

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, and many of us will be celebrating. For some, it means parties or parades this weekend, and for others it [...]

According to a small survey of 250 18- to 34- year olds, 33% would rather have their identity stolen than have their Facebook activities be publicly [...]

Buying a car is often your first big purchase as a young adult. It involves knowledge of financing, interest rates, and terms. If you go into [...]

Hopefully you have been watching our web series, “Penny Bags a Buck,” and following Penny on her search for true love and healthy finances. If you [...]

Spending time together is important for the happiness of most couples. Unfortunately, time can be hard to find and dates that cost lots of money can [...]

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